Friday, January 23, 2009


Yesterday was my dad's birthday. We went over to my parents' house and had dinner. I made lasagna. I took a lot of really sub-par pictures as I am trying to figure out my new camera and play with all of my flash options. I hate using a flash, but it is necessary so much of the time. My next camera purchase will be a decent flash to add to my camera. However, the flash on my new camera is significantly less offensive to me than my old one, and that thrills me.

You may notice a second appearance by the large pointed birthday hat. Mom and I think it is a tremendous idea to make everyone wear this hat on their birthday this year. Dad was feeling under the weather so he was quarantined to the dining area away from the babies. He had gone skiing that day and was a little out of it. Mom went into hysterics when I put the birthday hat on my dad like he was an invalid sitting in a chair with his blanket. Poor Daddy!

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Christy said...

very cute! Happy birthday to your dad!