Friday, January 16, 2009


Tonight we were able to attend what I would call the party of the year...and yes it is only January...and well we don't go to a lot of parties. Why was it so awesome you ask? Well, because it was an 80's themed open house for Kristen and Rob. Kristen is Heidi's sister-in-law, and her and her husband are quite a hoot when it comes to dressing up. There are a lot of pictures for this post, but I hope that you find them as hilarious as I do.

For the most part I think the pictures speak for themselves. Yet, I do want to tell you about Brent's little accessory. When I went out to find him an outfit, Brent requested I find him a Speak & Spell or some other 80's toy. I thought there would be no chance of finding one. But when I stopped in at a thrift store by our house I found one! He was very happy with it, and actually the toy is still a winner, because Stella and all the other kids at the party seemed to love it.


Nicole said...

That looks so FUN! And Stella looks so cute.

angelicindy said...

what a fun party! and I think Stella Bella takes the cake on cuteness. There's that one of her sitting on the floor laughing that cracks me up. So darling!

Christy said...

That does look super fun! You guys look so great and stella is totally adorable as usual. :)

Brandy said...

I don't know what to say. You all look frighteningly fantastic. Heidi was so worked up about getting the costumes accurate. She nailed them! How fun. Stella could pull of any era with grace and beauty.
No pics of Rob and Kristen??