Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Happy seventh month birthday, Miss Stella Sallay!

Yikes, my little one is getting bigger by the day. Stella is the happiest seven monther that I have ever met, and being her mom is totally awesome. This past month has been Stella's busiest yet. She:
  • tried her first non-bottle food
  • had a bath sitting up
  • experienced her first Christmas and New Year's
  • wore her first cardigan sweater
  • reached one of her New Year's resolutions by rolling over more than two times
  • gave her first high five to her Uncle Tyler
If you are a devoted follower of this blog then you already know this, but Stella is the most terrific baby that has ever lived! Thanks Stella for the most delightful seven months any mommy or daddy could hope for!

Note: This is the first post with pictures taken by my new camera, a Nikon D300. It is quite a fancy little thing, and it is going to take me a few days to truly figure it out. But so far I think these pictures turned out just lovely.


Christy said...

Those pictures are awesome! Is this a newer camera than the one you took pictures with when I was there? If so... are you selling your old one? :)
She's adorable and while I do feel the need to argue over who the best baby alive is :) I do think she's right up there with Aedan and Cali! We have the bestest kids ever!!!

Brandy said...

Lovely, is absolutely correct! She is a beauty queen (minus all that wretched makeup, thank goodness!). I just can't believe she's 7 months already. Time does fly by. We are blessed to have happy babies. I've noticed in my comings and goings that some people just shouldn't have children. You and Brent, however, should have 5!!

angelicindy said...

lovely?! pshaw! they're awesome! Of course, it may be attributed as much to the subject as the equipment :) Give those a cheeks a kiss today for me.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Wow, a new camera already? I still haven't quite figured out mine--and I had it before you. Seriously, start teaching lessons.