Monday, January 12, 2009


I have always loved babies that are six months. They start to do these adorable things, but they have yet to discover mobility so they are still a bit low maintenance. One of my favorite tricks of the six month-er is the "sitting and looking back at you" trick. Stella was doing it for me today. How stinkin' adorable is this?


Christy said...

That is pretty stinkin' adorable!! She's getting so big! :(

Brandy said...

She is model quality for sure! I bought Mason a jacket today that is almost as cute on him as Stella's peacoat. I'll post a pic and you can decide if he's Mervyn's material or Nordstrom!

Georgette said...

She's definitely growing fast!!! I'm jealous because my little guy has yet to do the "sitting" part but he does plenty of the "looking back" as he is cruising across the floor towards all sorts of trouble!