Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I know I said my next purchase would be a new flash, but really I have wanted a single focal length lens for a lot longer. So I finally just went and got myself a 50 mm lens. It is a portrait lens, and since that is what I am taking most of the time, it seemed like a good idea to have one. I had to try it out so I tortured Stella by putting her out in the snow.

After the shoot, I played with my favorites pictures in Photoshop. I don't even know how I came out with the final images. I just kept clicking buttons until I liked them. I have NEVER wanted to learn Photoshop since I think it is unnatural to manipulate your pictures. However, that is what most customers want, so I am trying to learn how to use it. FINE, I'll admit it...I think these turned out fun...and sometimes better than the original.

It should be noted that Brent does not approve of these results. (I admit some are drastic and are just for fun.) He even doesn't care for the black and white one since he says he only likes black and white when it comes from film. Maybe he can figure out how to make my digital camera take black and white film.


Scarlet said...

those are really cute. I love the tinting. I miss having photoshop, but I don't take enough pictures to justify the purchase of it.

Heidi said...


Christy said...

They look great! You've got some talent girl! I'm jealous!

Nicole said...

I knew you would eventually convert. Photoshop is great, don't think of it as unnatural, think of it as another tool in your photographers tool box. It doesn't matter how good of a photographer a person is they will be better with the proper tools, like a great camera, lens, flashes, AND photoshop skills. Just don't get carried away, I think that's how PS gets a bad reputation, just because someone can photoshop something, doesn't mean they should.

Anna said... the lens. Yeah, I'm totally photoshop illiterate. Looks like you aren't having any trouble using it though.

mistieleigh said...

Oh boy!!!I am wayyyyy impressed. i love all the shots. especially the last one. i need to learn photoshop too. and you;ll have to give me more info on your new lens. i need to invest into another lens one of these days too. Oh, i just get too overwhelmed. anyway- enough about me. i love your pictures.