Monday, January 26, 2009


Stella made her first attempt at rolling over all the way back in November. And she has done it from time to time since. But overall she has NOT seemed very interested in the whole rolling over bit. In fact, she often gets almost rolled over...and then...stops. I wasn't too worried since I figured she would eventually do it when she wanted to. Today I was playing with her and then, bam...she was on her tummy. In fact, it was so fast, I almost didn't see her do it.

Of course I wanted to first, take pictures, and then second, make a clip for the blog. I almost couldn't get either though, because as soon as I put her on her back again...she would make an annoyed grunt at me and then POP up and over she would go.

Here are some videos and pictures for you to be impressed by:


Brandy said...

Oh, how I love it. Those moments are so precious! Mason has FINALLY started to do some actual walking, well sort of. A few steps counts, I say. I'll record it tomorrow!
Yay, Stella. I'm so proud of you! You look so graceful. 10s all around!

Christy said...

So cute! I just love her! She is so fast that I actually did miss it the 1st time. I looked away for not even a second because Aedan said something and all of a sudden it was over! I had to replay it. She's a pro at it! Good Job Stella!!

angelicindy said...

they should have an olympics for baby feats :). Such grace! Such power! Nice job!

Jenny said...

That is so freakn cute. I can't beleive how fast she is growing.