Monday, October 27, 2008


As told by Miss Stella.

After mom and dad bring me home from that building with all the people and the singing I can finally get down to just relaxing and doing my thing.

First on the agenda is a bottle...delish! Then as always I'm propped up into the corner of the couch. I'm so glad I found this little thumb of mine that I can suck and chomp on post-bottles, because you can never have too much sucking and chomping in an day.

Oh and there goes mom again with that black thing that blinds me with flashing lights constantly. Well, I suppose for a moment I can oblige and look pretty. Here you go mom, here I am looking pensive.

I don't know what it is about today's outfit, but it has the most amazing texture! I can't keep it away from my mouth. I was doing this at church, and mom kept pulling the dress from my lips saying something about being modest. Now that we are home though she seems to have chilled out. Finally some floor freedom! I love my Sunday afternoons!


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness. What a cutie. When am I going to meet this little lady in person? We should really try and get together again for dinner or luch sometime. What is your schedule like?

mistieleigh said...

I love hearing Stella talk...she needs to post her thoughts more often!! She is getting so big and her face is really maturing! (i know that is the last thing you probably want to hear...or at least what I would want to hear?!..(i at least hate my kids getting big)).