Monday, October 20, 2008


This picture was taken exactly one year ago in Idaho Falls. We took Cy bowling for his fifth birthday. So why am I posting this picture? Well here you see an unsuspecting Michelle that in two hours was going to find out that she was pregnant.

I took the test with Heidi's persuasion. As we sat starring at the test and waiting for the other line to appear, Brent was sitting in the corner with headphones in as usual. He was trying to act all casual like he didn't care even though he totally did. Suddenly the second line appeared, it was faint, but it was there. Heidi looked at me and said: "Yup, you're pregnant." I looked at her and said, "Ok then, let's start the movie."

Denial only lasted so long, and during dinner the next day I started crying that my life was over. Both Cy and Catcher were confused and concerned, but I couldn't help myself...I really thought my life was over.

On our drive home to Salt Lake, I asked Brent why he seemed so subdued about the news. He told me that sometimes when you want something so bad, you can't believe it when it is actually happening. Brent had wanted a baby for so long, which only gave me reason to blame him the entire pregnancy for ruining my life.

Of course, my life is not over. I knew it then, but change is very hard for me. I wasn't worried though, I knew I would eventually be gah-gah over my baby. And of course, I am!

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Sara said...

Oh my goodness that cracked me up! I really wanted a baby before my first came took us 4-years to get him here. Then he came and THAT'S when I realized my life was over :) I sure love the little guy, but I always told Todd that it would take a lightning bolt straight from Heaven to get me to have another.

Well, the lightning bolt came, and I told Todd that he had to take me somewhere fun, just the two of us, before I would commit. So, we went to Italy! Then we had another, and let me tell ya, it was SO much easier!

So, here we sit two years later. I have FINALLY shed the 54 pounds I gained...even though my poor tummy will never be the same again...and we're thinking of having yet another child. I think we may be crazy?!?!