Friday, October 24, 2008


Yesterday Brent and I went to the shops in Sugarhouse, and Brent and I found this delightful little nature path that felt like being in the canyon even though you weren't. Stella enjoyed the trail as much as any 4 month old baby would enjoy a nature walk. Of course I can't be happy with that...I had to go back today for a PHOTO SHOOT! On our drive there Mom and Ash were teasing me that Stella's first words are going to actually be "photo shoot".

Ashley and I were both sold on the idea of the girls wearing their matching Juicy Couture sweat outfits. (Both purchased at extreme clearance prices, naturally.) Well it is tricky working with two babies. They both HATED being laid down in the crisp fall leaves, and Stella got hungry right away and would not take her bottle. Perhaps she was not in the mood for a picnic. After her tantrum she finally settled down and got a snack. I think we were eventually successful at getting several nice pictures to celebrate the lovely trail. Here are some of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

They both have the same "why am I lying in leaves mom?" look with scrunchy grimaces. So cute cousins!

angelicindy said...

I always enjoy the cousin pics. They're just something extra funny to me about it. Maybe it's the way they look at each other like, "What the...?!"

Wood Family said...

I love it how you two are laughing and the babies are looking a little bit like, "what is so funny?" Very cute!