Monday, October 20, 2008


Now that it has been four months, and obviously Stella isn't going anywhere, it is cementing the reality that we are now a family of three. It is so crazy that there can be just the two of you for so long, and then almost like comes this other real live baby that I'm going to know forever.

Brent and I really enjoy Stella, as I am sure anyone could tell. I think Brent wishes we had a baby sooner, but I think she came at the perfect time. Especially these days as my mom is finding seven night Mediterranean cruises for $449 for a balcony cabin. It makes me glad that I had many traveling adventures before Stella came around, because now that she is here...I don't ever want to leave her. Well, not yet anyway.


Christy said...

I hear ya! Right now I'm getting used to it being "kids" instead of Aedan. Last night Geoff said "When the kids get older..." and I had a slight freak out moment thinking "Wow! We have kids now, not just kid!". Kinda funny. I'm so glad you're enjoying Stella... babies are the best!!

Anna said...

Kids aren't as bad to travel with as you would think. You can still do it and have just as much fun only with more luggage.

mistieleigh said...

Isnt it great to just be this little cute family. I love that you have a baby just makes everythign complete!