Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm in the middle of a really good book. I read the book in High School, and Heidi recently gave me a new copy as a gift. I rarely read, but when I do I become obsessed. Today it was a perfect day to be outside with my book. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was, and thought that I must insist on a photo shoot with Ava, Ashley, and my mom.

Now that Stella and Ava are older their 6 week age difference is not as noticeable. They are pretty similar in size and both stand up with ease. Still, Ava has a few more tricks up her sleeve...but Stella is catching up. One new development in the two of them is that they will acknowledge each other. They finally notice the other baby, and even were grabbing each other's hands today at the park.

I suppose it is time to admit that it is fall. Fall is beautiful, yes, but it means that cold winter is about to arrive. So I am not the biggest fan. However, I guess one good thing about fall is that you seem to appreciate a beautiful day more than usual.

Note: Ashley took half of the pictures on this post, and I felt she should be properly credited.


Christy said...

Those are great pictures! It's so cute that the two girls are looking at each other. :)

The Heiners said...
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John and Valerie said...

i just can't seem to get over how stinken cute stella and ava are!!!

Sara said...

Is Ava Ashley's baby? I know our sisters are only 2-years younger than us, but isn't it crazy to think of them as moms? (that is assuming Ashley is the mom of that cute little Ava!) Emily even has more kids than I do...what's up with that?!?! (Well, she did get married before me, so I'll give her that) :) Cute kids.