Thursday, October 23, 2008


Brent and I don't really fight. We bicker, but our personalities and the way we deal with conflict is overall very complimentary. So when Brent decided to start building his life long dream....a recording studio in our basement...I went along with it. I thought, "He works hard, he deserves it." Well, I overestimated my patience and sweetness as a wife.

Our now finished studio has been the beginning and end of most of the arguments we have had in the past year. From what size it would be, to all of the expensive accessories that seemed to arrive at my door daily, to the forest green carpet that Brent said was a MUST HAVE, and at the end having men who spoke little English trampling up and down my stairs the first days Stella was home from the hospital...oh and the money...oh the money! Two sound proof rooms ain't cheap folks!

I can say now that I am over it, finally! And tonight Tyler was finally able to come and record some of his tunes. He has been patiently waiting for this day...and it is here! So if you are wondering if you should build a recording studio in your better really want one, because your ever-so-adorable wife might just up and leave you. Unless of course she is about to have your baby, then feel free to run with it.

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Heidi said...

After much adieu, I am thrilled to see you and Tyler in the ever- anticipated studio. I am especially fond of the photo of you and the drums. I have to admit that you look like a man who belongs in his own basement studio. Congratulations and let it be noted that this is the first time I have commented on any blog post (both on your blog and the other blogs I visit). Granted I did not realize I could comment until today but I think you will agree that my first blog comment being about this particular post is still pretty significant.