Thursday, October 23, 2008


These are the first pictures of Stella in a bath. She never really knows what to make of them, because she has taken very few. Early on we got some advice, that was tested by Ashley, to give baby a shower before bed. It helped my niece Ava sleep through the night right away, so we did that as soon as Stella could get completely wet. Obviously it is a job for two, so some nights when Brent can't help I end up giving Stella a bath. I thought it was about time to get those 'baby in the bath' pictures that seem to have been a mommy favorite since the beginning of time, along with some post-bath moments. Enjoy.


The Heiners said...

She is beautiful. So content to just sit there in a towel and let you snap away. I love her!

The Heiners said...
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Wood Family said...

She is so cute! Do you think she thinks her mom has a a big black third eye? I think our generation is picture crazy! But, at least we are capturing the moments.