Saturday, October 11, 2008


So of course you are totally impressed with my Gummow family pictures, but I am sure you are wondering what we were doing when we weren't taking lovely snapshots in the freezing cold. We invited all of my family over for dinner. I was trying to think of a dinner that could wow Heidi, but I realized that all of my good recipes are her recipes, so I made her lasagna recipe.

So the whole crew was there...even Tyler! Tyler blessed us with an impromptu guitar concert. He sounded great as usual, but I was a little distracted by the goatee. So apparently his roommates are paying him $50.00 to grow a goatee and a ponytail. YUCK! Ashley and I offered him $75.00 if he didn't do it, but he declined. Obviously he secretly wants to look like a dirty struggling artist.

Along with the lasagna, I made mini chocolate chip cookies, which gave Catcher and Cy some extra needed sugar. They used the fuel to rock star slide along my hardwood floors. I am such a sucker for letting them act like wild animals in my house.

As usual our time went by too fast, and this time we don't have a plan for our next visit so I am left feeling unsettled. Good thing I have that adorable baby to distract me!

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The Heiners said...

These are also great candids. At least, it's these boys who cause trouble with you. It's always my boy causing trouble when he's with them! XOXO